In cooperation with qualified trainers, the WATAN team in Syria carried out many activities in community centers. In Syria, the WATAN community centers, which are part of the WATAN protection program, organized several activities, targeting 400 beneficiaries. The activities ranged from weaving wool to Arabic calligraphy, using computers, drawing on cloth, ceramics, handicrafts, playing musical instruments, etc. The activities were also concluded with an exhibition of handicrafts for women trainees on International Women's Day. In Turkey, the community centers carried out many activities for children, such as psychosocial activities, intelligencecompetitions and awareness sessions. It is important to mention that WATAN Began working in the protection field last year and focuses on the interest in the safety and dignity of the rights of people affected by disasters and conflicts through the distribution of basic needs of clothing,food and heating, in addition to important social issues related to family planning and safe motherhood.