De-sludging and cleaning the blocks latrines for 41 camp, to raising the levels of health and environment for IDPs

Distribution of 7992 HKs, 144 comprehensive hygiene kits for new arrival families, 15340 Jerry can and 30680 Pitchers

Hygiene Promotion for 9575 women and 2455 children, through two session and many activities by experts teams

Recruit 98 workers and 15 hygiene promotors living in camps

Solid Waste Management for 41 camps. And Distribution of 375 metal garbage bins


Idleb- Qah- camps in north Syria


8136 Families, 84820 person

The Purpose

Provide the Main WASH activities for more than 48000 people living in 65 camps, and alleviate the suffering of the ongoing war.

The total of camps is 65.