1. SNF: Case management

Primary goal is to optimize client functioning well-being and emotional and physical safety within CM Special Needs Fund (SNF)

Referral to other services (external and internal services)

260 cases should be covered in this component

2. Basic Needs (winterization project)

e-Vouchers distribution in Ankara on 4000 households in order to meet the urgent winterization needs of vulnerable Syrian Refugees in October-November and December 2016.

3. Protection outreach

Training for members of the community who are willing to volunteer their time to support their community to access the legal rights and protection services and to raise the awareness on the social and psychological impacts of war and displacement.

What we provide to information volunteers:

• Training and development of new skills to 60 information volunteers.

• Certificate of Participation at the end of training, for IVs attending at least 80% of the training session.

• Opportunities for increasing involvement and responsibility based on performance and motivation

Location Ankara: Rural: Beypazazi District: Altindag

Situation: On going

Partners: Care international