Give from what you Love Bab Al Rayan – Ramadan 2018


Support WATAN with the charity program in Holy Ramadan, through contributing to provide iftar meals to beneficiaries both in Turkey and in Syria, and through organizing many collective iftars, in addition to distributing food baskets, zakat, and Eid clothes to children.

WATAN will organize collecting the donations of food and assistance in the holy month to as many as possible of beneficiaries in besieged areas and governorates of Idleb and Aleppo. WATAN will also make sure to support the in need Syrian families in Turkey.

Main activities:

* "Iftar Sae'm" Iftars for fasting people with ready to eat meals in Gaziantep and Sanliurfa.

* Project of distributing food baskets to families in Aleppo and Idleb along the whole month and to female headed families, and the components of the food baskets will be selected according to the available items in the local markets and the social norms of the communities where the projects would be implemented.

* Project of Zakat, where the donations of the Zakat will be collected and distributed to people in need from the targeted locations at the end of the month and lists of the beneficiaries will be prepared in advance.

Annual Zakat project to collect Zakat and distribute it to the severely in need families both in Syria and Turkey.

* Project of "Basmat Eid" smile of the fest, where clothes would be bought and distributed to children from the in need families and orphans during the celebrations of the Eid.

Other Campaigns


Their health is their most precious property

With the continuous deterioration of the health system in Syria, the needs gap is getting bigger…help us to support those in need


Bring them back to schools, bring them back hope

There are 5.82 million children do not go to schools… tell them how much they deserve going back through your support


Agricultural and livestock support to achieve self-dependence

We work to support to achieve self-dependence …help us to support agriculture and livestock


Clean water saves lives

51% of populations world wild do not have access to clean water regularly…. Your contributions are key to help


Along with them

Fleeing death to the Unknown…help us elevate the suffering of people of Ghoutah


Give from what you Love Bab Al Rayan – Ramadan 2018

Support WATAN with the charity program in Holy Ramadan,