Along with them


Forcedly displaced, people from Eastern Ghoutah have moved towards Idleb, overburdened with their challenges and difficulties

WATAN network worked to rapidly response to the IDPs, from receiving them and establishing Maar Shurin and Al-Sheikh Bahar in Idleb countryside, in addition to distributing ready to eat meals to the newly arrived households

WATAN is planning to support IDPs from Eastern Ghoutah through the clusters of Shelter and NFI

Help us elevate their suffering

Other Campaigns


Feeding families this Eid

The Eid sacrifice is a manifestation of social solidarity in Islam. The detail for the instruction surrounding..


Support WATAN with your Zakat

Support WATAN with your Zakat… for more than 7 millions beneficiaries wince our start.


Their health is their most precious property

With the continuous deterioration of the health system in Syria, the needs gap is getting bigger…help us to support those in need


Bring them back to schools, bring them back hope

There are 5.82 million children do not go to schools… tell them how much they deserve going back through your support


Agricultural and livestock support to achieve self-dependence

We work to support to achieve self-dependence …help us to support agriculture and livestock


Clean water saves lives

51% of populations world wild do not have access to clean water regularly…. Your contributions are key to help