Along with them


Forced displaced people from North Hama and South Idleb areas, have moved northward to areas already overcrowded.
WATAN in all its programs has worked to rapidly respond providing assistance to IDPs'. We are providing shelter materials in different areas in central and north Idleb zones, in addition to distributing food baskets to the newly arrived families. 
WATAN is planning to sustain supporting IDPs in the area through the other sectors as well (health, education, and others).
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Floods are sweeping the camps…


Support WATAN with your Zakat

Support WATAN with your Zakat… for more than 11 million beneficiaries wince our start.


Their health is their most precious property

With the continuous deterioration of the health system in Syria, the needs gap is getting bigger…help us to support those in need


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There are 5.82 million children do not go to schools… tell them how much they deserve going back through your support