Support WATAN with your Zakat

Support WATAN with your Zakat… for more than 7 millions beneficiaries wince our start.

Power of the society is represented by the strong economy and human resources, and these two factors were represented in Islam with Zakat, which aims to eliminate poverty and its impacts, and to reinforce cooperation and support among the society individuals .

Their health is their most precious property

With the continuous deterioration of the health system in Syria, the needs gap is getting bigger…help us to support those in need

Health program in Watan works on reducing fatalities and the spread of diseases, and provides sustainable support to health centers, in addition to the emergency response through providing salaries, operational costs,

Bring them back to schools, bring them back hope

There are 5.82 million children do not go to schools… tell them how much they deserve going back through your support

Education program of Watan works on supporting and facilitating educational process including activities which contribute to acquire skills, values, and knowledge,

Agricultural and livestock support to achieve self-dependence

We work to support to achieve self-dependence …help us to support agriculture and livestock

FSL is one of the key clusters Watan network work in, as the work focuses on eliminating poverty, responding to the emergency food needs,

Clean water saves lives

51% of populations world wild do not have access to clean water regularly…. Your contributions are key to help

Wash program works on providing clean water for drinking and cooking to ensure healthy lives for individuals and to prevent the spread of diseases through water.

Along with them

Fleeing death to the Unknown…help us elevate the suffering of people of Ghoutah

WATAN is working on emergency response for affected populations of the conflict, and try through the campaigns to provide assistance and contribute to establish a dignified and free society