A new project for WATAN Foundation to get children back into schools


Thousands of Syrian children dropped out of primary education for years due to war and found themselves begging on the street. We were able to send thousands of children back to school in cooperation with UNICEF and Saed Charity.

“Returning children to schools” project offers official and unofficial education services in Idlib countryside. We allocated heating materials for schools as the number of beneficiaries have reached 7335 child and teacher.

As per UNICEF report, half of Syrian children do not know anything but violence for nearly eight years. The rate children who dropped out school is 29% as birth events have reached 4 million child since the war began.



This project extends for a term of nine months, as it begun from October and will end in June 2019. The following activities will be done through the project:

  • Increasing the rate of educated children and youth affected by the crisis within the age group 5 to 17 years.
  • Awareness campaigns to support education and return children to school
  • Establish safe educational places and prepare it to suit special needs children
  • Form parents and teachers assemblies
  • Psychological and social support services for children
  • Entertainment (sports and chess)

Moreover, the project enhances teachers’ capacity to offer high-quality education through educational resources, appliances, teacher’s guides, salaries and monthly incentives.


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