Early childhood ... parenting methods and how to better deal with children


Continuing to confront the challenges that threaten the development of children in northwestern Syria, Watan continues to provide activities for caregivers and their children that promote family bonding and raise caregivers’ awareness about effective parenting methods. The project aims to provide comprehensive education in the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional aspects relating to parenting. In addition, it aims to enhance the well-being of the children affected psychologically by the conflict and restore hope and alleviate the effects of the painful experiences they have experienced.



The project “Ahlan Sesame” began in April of this year in partnership with IRC, and will continue until the end of this year.  Watan is implementing the project in the following centers:

  • Northern Idlib, Harem region, Dana sub-district (3 centres):

1)    Al Salam Center: Idlib, Harem, Al Dana, Qah, Al Salam Camp, Al Salam School
2)    2) Al-Midan Center: Idlib, Harem, Al-Dana, Qah, Al-Midan Camp, Al-Midan School
3)    3) Al-Wafa Center: Idlib, Harem, Al-Dana, Tal Al-Karama, Al-Wafa School

  • Northern Aleppo, Azaz:

1)    Watan Centre 1: Allepo, Azzaz, Talal Al-Sham
During the month of November, 577 caregivers took part in the program, 400 of which were female. Their 1099 children would have benefitted indirectly. Of these children, 186 were under the age of eight, and more than half are female.
This brings the number of beneficiaries from the beginning of the project until the end of November, to 2885 children, of whom 1549 are female. The 4493 caregivers among whom 3482 are female. In addition to the 9131 children who will benefit indirectly due to the rehabilitation of necessary skills of their families. 
By creating and establishing a supportive, safe, and inclusive early learning environment, despite the abnormal conditions, the project increased the participation of parents with their children, relieving the pressures that burden them.


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