WATAN schools conclude their academic year in Turkey and Syria


More than 9600 students completed their second semester exams at WATAN schools in each of the Geel schools in Rihaniyah, and other schools including Qah and Atmah, Talada, AlDaba, Salwa, Fatah, Aqrabat and Farouk Schools in Syria. As for the progress of exams, the educational staff confirmed their satisfaction with the level of the students in general. Watan


During the school year, the administrative team worked on implementing many modern and enjoyable educational methods to support and teach children in an easy and sophisticated manner, in addition to enhancing their self-confidence and providing them with research skills and information collection. The WATAN educational program includes providing educational services to students in 11 different schools inside and outside Syria through qualified and specialized educational staff, in addition to providing psychological support services to students in these schools and implementing many activities that support and enable the educational process.


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