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While the Holy month of Ramadan brings joy for us every year, life has not changed for millions of families displaced inside Syria. They live in the same tents,

Syrian IDP Camps Appeal

70% Of The Population Of Idleb Need Urgent Humanitarian Assistance

Be Balm

Be calm and contribute with us to introduce basic needs for them

You can become part of their future

When a family loses the first line of support the father or in worst cases both parents, not only does the child have to cope with the tragedy of losing someone very dear, but also the

Be part of heling hand

Most of Syria’s IDPs are living hard conditions in this winter, and WATAN field teams are working with all its ongoing programs to cover the basic needs of our people. WATAN asks

Along with them

Forced displaced people from North Hama and South Idleb areas, have moved northward to areas already overcrowded. WATAN in all its programs has worked to rapidly

Clean Water

Yehiya lives with his wife and kids in a camp in Daraa countryside Southern of Syria. Yehiya left his house full of panic, holding his baby daughter under

Agricultural and livestock

With the increasing heat temperatures in Syria, in addition to the decrease in income sources, and the increase the prices, are all dominating the situation in Syria.

Bring them back to schools

She was 8-year-old which were few years, but sufficient to make her lose hope Her story started since she left her school and was displaced with her family from

Facing the Pandemic

Countries and governments, giant cities and civilized societies, highly developed health systems, all of which are almost incapable of containing the spread of Corona virus.

Support WATAN with your Zakat

Support WATAN with your Zakat… for more than 11 million beneficiaries wince our start. Power of the society is represented by the strong economy and human resources, and these

Support them to move beyond the pandemic stage

Today, the living conditions of some refugees are worse than the time the Syrian crisis started; more than one family started to live together again in very poor and tough